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I'm sure a bunch of 15-year-old kids would way rather I do 'Superbad 2' than 'Moneyball.' But I would love to do movies like 'Superbad' and movies like 'Moneyball.'

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I'm a laugh tart. I make no secret of that fact.

When a father gives to his son both laugh when a son gives to his father both cry.

There's something about a Christmas sweater that will always make me laugh.

Why not share with the world the way it is and tell them my feelings about my cat and how I played with my kids and how addicted to Christmas time I am and the smell of pine needles and hearing my kids laugh.

If you can laugh together you can work together.

If you start to disrespect the character you're playing or play it too much for laughs that can work for a sketch it will sell some gags but it's all technique. It's like watching a juggler - you can be impressed by it but it's not going to touch you in any way.

It's always wonderful to get to know women with the mystery and the joy and the depth. If you can make a woman laugh you're seeing the most beautiful thing on God's Earth.

In the vain laughter of folly wisdom hears half its applause.

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Back of every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom if you listen.